16 Things You Didn't Know About Rolex

ROLEX! Rolex is a luxury watch brand all around the world. This company was founded in 1905 in London, United Kingdom, and in 2004 Jean-Frederic Dufour take the starting of Rolex and in 2006
  Rolex made 4.7 Billion Revenue.

But this Multinational company have some facts that I bet you, you didn't know, so here are:

"16 Thing you didn't know about Rolex"

The Most Expensive Rolex Watch

 You will be Aston's that Rolex made its most expensive match in 1942, and it was sold in $1.176 million. only 12 were ever made.


Every Rolex watch is handmade

In all business, resisting of competitive market is really very hard and business man need to set its game to achieve success and Rolex understood this game from beginning. So, Rolex take a new root and make its watches with hands. So, they hire best workers those who are best in their work. 

Rolex And Murder Case

This is a very surprising fact in these 16 Thing you didn't know about rolex.  The fact is when a business man got murdered, the killer forget to take his Rolex off and dumped business man body in river. After the search of 2 weeks, police found the body of business man and the body was not in good condition but the Rolex watch was still working and the murdered family was able to identify that body with that watch. 

Why Rolex Name Was Chosen?

You will be surprised that there is no world behind the Rolex, Rolex is just Chosen because it was short, good look for a watch brand and it was easy to pronounce.

Every Watch Is Tested Through Diving 

All Rolex used for diving so they are  tested in a pressurized tank. And it's an amazing fact that only 1000 watches are fail in that test through 1906.

How Much Time Rolex Need to Make

Another amazing fact of 16 Thing you didn't know about rolex is how much time Rolex watch need to made? I glad to answer this question. Rolex needs  almost a year to made. This is because they only made 1 millions of watches in a year so they are very serious about the quality and efficiency.

Rolex During WWII

In world war 2, Rolex watches became an instance status symbol  for British Air Force.  So mostly Britain's Royal Air Force favor Rolex and when they caught by Nazis they took their watches.

How To Identify A Fake Rolex?

There are many business man who make the copies of the Brands items and sale it in very costly, but no worries now you are able to make a difference between a fake and a real Rolex. So, You just have to take a watch in your hand and if you have a real watch before its very best you can compare it but if you don't have its fine you just need to look at watch and if it gracefully sweeps its mean its a real watch. Even strippers are trained to do that.

First Watch With Two Time Zones 

Now a days, there are many watches having two time zone but the two time zone in a same watch is started by Rolex. Rolex made this for Pan Am pilots who need Greenwich Mean Time on a long transatlantic flight to keep tracking.

The Cheapest Rolex Watch

Everyone wants to know about the expensive Rolex watch but no one know that Rolex also made the cheapest watch its name was Rolex Air-King, it cost is $3000 and it loved by the people due to its simplicity. This is the one of the best crazy fact of these 16 Thing you didn't know about rolex.

A Rolex into Mariana Trench (A deepest place on Earth)

Jacques Piccard begun his amazing journey with Rolex and it survived under 11,000 feets and kept perfect time. Now that is a real test of durability.

Rolex has an army of Gemologists

Rolex have a department for buying, testing and putting shiny diamonds on watches. They have specialist and X-rays to test that diamonds are real. Rolex publish his report and said only 2 in 20 million diamonds are found fake.  

Why Rolex Moved From London To Switzerland

Rolex was started in London. Rolex was new Company so due to the heavy taxes in London they close their office in London and moved to Switzerland.  

Rolex Use Expensive Material Than Others

Most of watches was made from a type of stainless steel called 316L but Rolex use 904L steel. Because 904L steel is more expensive and much more complicated to machine, which is why it seems exclusive to Rolex.

Rolex Change Automatically Day and Time

Rolex created a wristwatch in 1945 which automatically changes the date after dialing 1945 and then they make a watch which automatically change day and date on the dial 1956.

Rolex Donates All Of Its Profit 

Hans Wilsdorf became orphan at the age of 12. After  this he began working on watches so he founded Rolex. Due to his sad experience he and his wife decided to donate all their profits to charities and orphanages.

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