5 Technologies That Changed The World

"5 Technologies That Changed The World "

Meet Digital Human

Daily up gradation of technology leads technology to digital human. What actually Digital Human is? Digital Human is just your copy, Its works what you work, it speak how you speak and do
all the task what you do in daily life. Its skin, its feature, it way of talking etc all like human. You have been difficult to differentiate between human and digital Human. 
     Research about Digital Human says in 2045, there is no need of human for doing any work. All the work will done by the copies of that person (digital human). Research reports said that," In 2045, Tv shows will run by digital humans".

The best thing in digital human have, it will have strong artificial intelligence, and while you are talking with it, you will completely believe that you are talking to any person. This digital human also best for those who don't have kids.

The 360 Degree Selfie 

Its quite foolish to believe that 360 degree camera is  the part of those 5 Technologies that changed the world  but it is. Before the 360 degree cameras it was very difficult to capture 360 degree in one photo. Movie makers need many cameras and capture each side in different photo and then use editors to combine that pictures in one photograph it was quite complex task.
But, Now a day, we have cameras those capture 360 degree views in one picture. And due to the more likes and on the high demands smart phone companies took advantage and built that camera in smart phones. Now it is available in 4k, and you can buy it in discount.

Auto Driving Vehicles 

 Humans can do mistakes, but the Reborts can't. On this theory Companies was engaged in making those cars who have their own intelligence system installed, which automatically drive to given location. Self driving vehicles possess with many feature which help the human which are inside it. One of the best feature is its movement detected sensors. Which sense the movement around the vehicle and automatically applies the brakes when vehicles is going to crash. 

Block Chain

Block Chain technology which is underlying Bitcoin. Bitcoin launched in 2009, and no one is able to phony it. This shows the robustness of Block chain technology.  Block chain give fully security, anonymity and trust to their shareholders. 

Satellite Communication 

The first satellite was launched in 1975, it takes huge change in the world and one of the best in these 5 Technologies that changed the world . This allows Tv, radios and telephones to sent data any where in this globe. Through satellite, GPS has made and its now easy to track any thing which exist on this earth. 


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