5 Ways To Look Rich Even You're Not


                             How To Look Classy?
Great question! But do you know 20% of the world population are naturally highly attractive and the other 80% are just trying to look attractive. And 0.0000271846%  people in this World
are billionaires.  Other are just trying to look like a billionaires. 

You Have No Money? Its fine if you don't having more money. with less money you look attractive and billionaires. here are the "5 Ways To Look Rich Even You're Not".

5 Ways To Look Rich Even You're Not

  1.  Look Clean

Always take care of your body. Because the first thing that matter for looking classy and billionaires is to look clean. Cleanness is the first priority.

          Hair Cutting

                     Go to the barber on every week. Refresh you hairs and your bread. Because the hairs and bread are the first impression which people looks. Fresh hairs and bread looks a man attractive. Your plays a best role in showing you a billionaire.

            Take Bath

                      Take a daily bath. Bathing on daily basis make you fresh physically and mentally. So, you can attend every thing with your fresh mind which is the best habitat of billionaires.   

            Use Ficial  

                      Doesn't matter you are men or women. For looking attractive you have to use ficial. Make you skin clean so it attracts other people. A fresh face attract millions of people.

 2.  Dress Well  

Dressing is the best way in these 5 ways to look rich even your're not.  I personally like recommend you to dress very well every time. Make your habit, be well dressed every time.

            Wear Trending Clothes 

                       Billionaire never wear those clothes which are not trending they are very  passionate about theirs clothes and looks. So always wears the trending clothes.        

           Well Pressed  Dress 

                       If you dressed well but its not well press. Its make very bad impression of your self to the other people. So make sure which dress you are going to wear is the look clean and well pressed.  

           Fitted Dress   


                       Unfitted dress make your self under confidence and make the your bad impression to other people. So, Always wear those dress which is fit to your body. Otherwise just go to the tailor and make your dress fit. 
 Note: Too much fitting is not good.

 3.  Uses Of Accessories   



                       Always wear glasses when you are going out any where. Glasses should be transparent and a best in color. Don't forget to buy those glasses which are trending. You can see glasses from our glasses section


                       Watches is the best accessories for men and women. It looks attractive and make your looks as a professional. Which is the best for you to look like a billionaire. We recommend you some best watches here.



                       Most of people make mistake in choosing shoes. They just but one or two pairs of shoes and wear them under every dress. This is the big mistake. Buy those shoes which suits under your clothes. Pick a best color of your shoes because this is also the best way which i really recommend you while to look rich even your're not. 

 4. Knowledge About Brands     


                       The main problem is people don't know about the expensive brands. So, while attending the parties or any meeting the other rich people they are underconfidence, they just need to boost their confidence by knowing the everything luxury thing so they can confidently interact with the rich people.     

           Shoes Brands

  •                         ALL BLACK
  •                         Adidas

           Shirts Brands

  •                               Armani
  •                               Tommy Hilfiger

           Watches Brands

  •                               Rolex
  •                               Roger Dubuis

 5. Don't Waste Money

                       The Big mistake that people make is to wasting their money. They just want to buy the expensive thing which they don't needs. And this act make them they belong from the middle family. So never ever show off.  Be relax manage your time and buy those which you needs.           

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