Where Billionaires Spend Their Money?

Do you know how much  Mark Zuckerberg and Alice Walton makes money in 1 hour? You gonna not believe this they are making 1 Billion Dollar in one hour.  So just imagine how luxury
life they are living today. here you know where billionaires spend their money?

Where Billionaires Spend Their Money?

Many billionaires spend their large amount of money on their lifestyle. They make their lifestyle luxury.

Many of Billionaires buy their Jets for travelling, and while buying the jets they try to buy the expensive jet.

Personal Jet

You know mostly Billionaires spend their money on buying heli for them. So they can easily travel those places where the jet can't go.


Billionaires and Millionaires are interested in the pickink so they buy different islands or  places where they can enjoy with their families.


They are interested to buy luxury boats such as Yachts etc. Because that's thing make theirs lifestyle luxury.

Luxury Boat

You know everyone in this world  is has aim to buy a luxury car for him.  That's Worth is more than other cars. And the billionaires spend their many money on the cars because they are interested to buy the new models of luxury cars. 


The Biggest thing which shows and make your life luxury is your house. The Beautiful house make you life more opulence. Billionaires are really interested to buy the most beautiful house in the expensive places.

Beautiful House

The costly accessories looks you cool and rich. That's why all billionaires mostly spend their money on costly accessories to look attractive and cool.


Hamad Bin Hand Dam

Hamad Island

Hamad Bin Hand Dam who buy the island Alha Tazie near Abu 
Dhabi. And write its name on the sand with the help of heavy 
machinery. Any one out of the earth can see its name.  

Mukesh Ambani 

Ambani House

Mukesh Ambani made its home of 27 floor in Mumbai. In which 
only six people live and 600 servants needs to run this house. Its has its own theater and 6 floors for only car parking. 9 Elavouter, 
swimming pools and gyms.

 Hassanal Bolkiah

Hassanal Bolkiah car collection

Hassanal Bolkiah (Sultan Of Brunei) spend its mostly money on car collection. Which contain 500 Royal Rolex cars and $15 million customized wedding cars made with 24 Karat gold. 

Mark Zuckerberg 

Mark Zuckerberg 

Mark Zuckerberg the founder of  very large social media platform name Facebook. At the age of 23, his net worth crossed $1 billion. His house is located in California and its worth is 47.4 Billion dollar. Where Mark Zuckerberg spend its money? He spend his money on buying beautiful islands name Kauai, Hawaii.

Kauai, Hawaii.

Car collection name Acura TSX, VW Golf Gti, Honda Fit, Pagani Huayra.

Mark Zuckerberg car

Mark Zuckerberg spend its money on buying private jet worth $775,000.

Mark Zuckerberg jet

You know Marks spend $4.3 million on its security.Recently Marks spend $1097 million in charity.

Michael Bloomberg

The recent report stated that 12 to 15 houses  of Michael Bloomberg all around the world. In which two of his houses is in London , including one in knightsbridge which worth is $18 million
See Michael Bloomberg's Lifestyle

houses is in London

Bill Gates
Bill Gates spend his $27 million on buying property in Welligistion and $18 Million on Rancho Paseana. Bill Gates Love to collects the car and spend many money on its cars collection.

Bill Gates property in Welligistion

Where you spend Your Money If you are billionaire??

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Rob's Sister And Alice Walton 
Rob's Sister and Alice Walton buy two floor in New York Park Avenue. Which she was purchased in $25 million in 2014.  And the interesting thing is it has 52 windows in that floor to see the park.
Rob's Sister And Alice Walton house
Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones buy the Dallas Cowboys team in $140 million and at that time its worth is $4 million only.
Dallas Cowboys team
Robert Kraft
Robert kraft buys the New England Patriots, which he purchased for $175 million.
 New England Patriots
Allen buys its two teams: The Portland Trail Blazers And Seattle Seahawks.
Seattle Seahawks
Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos buy Washington post in $250 million
Washington post

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