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Bill gates life story
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Bill Gates, the co founder and president of the Microsoft Corporation, has definitely reached legend status and not only because he's regarded as the world's richest man. As the moving force behind a company that's considered The Most Innovative Company Operating in the U.S. , Bill Gates is definitely in a league of his own. With Gates at the helm, Microsoft launched a series of revolutionary advancements in technology that have changed the face of the computer industry and the way people around the globe use computers. History has acknowledged Microsoft's great contributions and has judged Microsoft to be the first truly dominant player in home computer OS. 

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Even today, Microsoft's influence is felt around the globe throughout the widespread use of Microsoft Windows, currently the most widely used OS in the world. Bill Gates first made his mark as is largely considered to be the prime mover and innovator behind the Microsoft Corporation from the time it was founded in 1975 until 2006. As the man accountable for product strategy, Gates greatly expanded Microsoft's product lines and established as well as defended the leadership position in many of its key regions of operation. Bill Gates hasn't been perfect as some of his decisions have led to antitrust litigation over Microsoft's business practices. 

Bill Gates Microsoft
                                 Bill Gates Microsoft 

But his reputation as probably the most famous and respected entrepreneurs of the pc revolution is unquestioned. Bill Gates is in fact one of those men who's larger than his area of expertise. To illustrate this point, New Statesman magazine voted Bill Gates as number eight among the Heroes of Our Time. Of late, Bill Gates has been delegating many of his key functions in Microsoft. He announced last June that he'd be naming someone else as the head of operations of Microsoft by July 2008 although he did say that he'll still sit as the company's chairman and as a consultant on special projects. 

Sources say that the main candidate to succeed Bill Gates as operations hear is Ray Ozzie, former president of the Groove company, which Microsoft bought in 2005. His latest focus has been in the area of philanthropy throughout the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Some sources in the press estimate that Gates has probably contributed over half his fortune to charity.

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